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Conservative Care Health Fair

Learn everything you need to know about improving your health conservatively without painful injections, side effect riddled medications, and unnecessary surgery

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9:00 AM - Runner's Injury Prevention & How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

If you are a runner or a walker, and If you have ever wondered if you have the right shoe for your foot, you need to see this talk. Jon Notary from Aardvark Sport Shop will be leading the conversation on why selecting the right shoe might be the most important component to making running/walking a lifelong hobby. Travis Robbins will also be speaking about the top 3 things you need to know to avoid an injury if you run or walk. 

9:45 AM - Jaw Pain & TMJ Dysfunction

Ari Forgosh has been helping the people of the Lehigh Valley deal with jaw pain and temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ) for over a decade. He has completed an advanced training curriculum with the world-renowned Dawson Academy, with a special focus on treating occlusal disease, esthetic dentistry, and solving complex dental problems. TMJ dysfunction is more common than you think… Clicking and pain in the TMJ occurs in between 8-12% of the population. Come learn the causes and treatment options to finally get rid of your pain and get get your jaw back to normal. 

10:30 AM - Balance & Falls Prevention

Every second of every day in the United States an older adult falls, making falls the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. In 2014 alone, older Americans experienced 29 million falls causing seven million injuries and costing an estimated $31 billion in annual Medicare costs, according to a new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in this week’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Come see our balance and falls prevention expert Katie Ross so she can teach you the top 3 causes of balance dysfunction and learn how to make sure you avoid falls at home so that you do not become part of this scary statistic.

11:15 AM - Top 3 Causes of Foot & Ankle Pain

Heel pain, big toe pain, ankle sprains… the foot and ankle is one of the most common problems we see at Robbins Rehabilitation. Makes sense when you know that most people take thousands of steps a day. Dr. Dusty Haverly and Travis Robbins will be discussing the the top 3 causes of foot and ankle pain they see and answering any questions you have about your foot problems.  

12:00 PM - PT or Chiro for Neck & Back Pain

We get asked this all the time… “So, what is the difference between a PT and a Chiropractor?” Make sure you get a seat at this workshop so you can find out. Travis and JP will be discussing common causes and fixes to neck and low back pain and teach you how chiropractic and physical therapy can work hand in hand with chiropractic care. If you have ever wondered how these two disciplines can work together, call and reserve your seat.

12:45 PM - Neck Pain & Treatment Options

Pain in your neck is… well, a pain in the neck! For people who spend long periods of the day sitting (in your car driving to work and working on computers or other siting activities once you get to work) this workshop is for you. Nick Horowski specializes in treatment neck pain, headaches and TMJ dysfunction…. All of which is becoming more and more common with ever increasing time spent on computers and cell phones. If you are suffering from neck pain or headaches, don’t miss this workshop.

1:30 PM - Secrets to Shoulder Pain Relief

Rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, anterior shoulder impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, an elevated first rib…. What is causing the pain in your shoulder? Discover the cause of your shoulder pain and learn about simple secrets to get rid of it from Becca and Travis. They have almost 20 years of combined experience dealing with these common causes of shoulder pain and will teach you how to get rid of your pain for good!

2:15 PM - Understanding Holistic Healing: A Journey Through The Koshas

According to yoga philosophy, we are not just our physical body or mind, we are holistic, multi-dimensional beings made up by many different, interactive levels. In the yoga framework, these levels are referred to as the five sheaths of our being, or the Five Koshas. When an injury occurs, there is a tendency to isolate the physical body part; however, healing takes place on deeper levels beyond just the physical. In this workshop, you will learn what it truly means to heal holistically through addressing all aspects of being that make up the wonderful and unique you!

3:00 PM - Treatment Options for Knee Pain

Knee pain is hard to avoid… but did you know that it is rare for the cause of your knee pain to actually come from your knee? Weakness and movement dysfunction in the hip and ankle are usually the culprit. Travis will teach you the top 3 causes of knee pain and teach you about the new technology we are using at Robbins Rehabilitation to cut recovery time from knee replacement in half.


Where: Robbins Rehabilitation

Address: 3535 High Point Blvd Suite 300, Bethlehem, PA 18017

Date: October 13th, 2018



FREE on-site screening will be made available throughout the day. It is a FREE 30 minute, 1-on-1 appointment with a Doctor of PT where you will receive…

  • A Diagnosis - Finally find out the CAUSE of your pain  
  • A Prognosis - How long it will take to get rid of your pain  
  • A Plan - What needs to be done to end your needless suffering for good without medications, injections, surgery, etc.!

We'll also have free food from around the neighborhood featuring local cuisine from our business partners. Plus a free wine tastings featuring Franklin Hill Wineyards wine from 11am-2pm.

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