Laser Therapy

Feel the Force!

We had a lot of questions about our new Class 4 laser…  

“What is a laser machine exactly?”  

“Does it help with all injuries?”  

“How does it actually work?”  

“So you have a magic laser that takes away all my pain when I move?.. Come on…”  

The best way to answer these questions, or any questions you might have, is to come in for a free no obligation 30 minute screen. 

This might seem goofy, but watch the video below and see what happened after they treated this cuddly little penguin with a laser almost exactly like we have…  

Why would I show you a laser treatment on a penguin?  

Because a penguin can't lie to you about improvement after one treatment, or be influenced by a placebo effect… It's a penguin, plain and simple and so it can’t lie.

Who would benefit from Laser Treatments?

  • Anyone who values conservative care and is not interested in the harmful side effects of injections, medication and want to avoid surgery.
  • Anyone currently trying to get over an injury faster and easier than ever before.
  • Anyone looking to accelerate tissue healing and get back to doing what they want to do now that the gorgeous weather is finally here.
  • Anyone interested in learning about this cutting edge technology that we have brought into our practice and how it can help them live a better life.
  • Anyone looking for a gentle, non invasive way to reduce pain and inflammation starting literally right away.  

Interested in learning more?

Call 610-839-8764 to sign up for your FREE Screen!

What do you get?

  • A free screen from one of our PTs. I will give you a diagnosis, tell you how long it will take to fix and give you a plan.
  • One free laser treatment (only payment needed is a high 5 or a hug… which I have actually gotten from some patients who saw significant pain relief after just one treatment). 

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