Stop Playing the Nutrition Guessing Game

Read on to learn how the most important part of a successful nutrition program is behavior modification.

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“What should I be eating to improve my health?”

We get that question a lot in our offices. In the past, we have directed people to online resources, podcasts and answered quick questions when our patients asked.  But we decided that just wasn't enough... 

Robbins Rehabilitation West is now offering nutrition coaching for our current and past patients looking to get serious about their health.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the program you select, pricing can vary. Take us up on our offer for a free 30-minute 1-on-1 consultation with Dan, our nutrition coach and you can find out.

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What is this Free Consultation About?

A Personal Strategy

We’ll go over things you have tried in the past and had success with or not had success with and see how we can use that to design a personal strategy for YOU.

Nutrition Education

During this consultation you will find out some easy habits to implement and learn what you should eat and what you should avoid (if anything)

This program is perfect for someone who either...

  • Wants to eat the right things, but is confused about the hundreds of 'diets' out there.
  • Knows they need to make a change, but is unsure about what that change should be.
  • Wants to learn once and for all what foods will improve their health.
  • Needs the accountability of a coach who will be there every step of the way through their journey.

How to Learn More

1. You can apply by taking this quick survey on our website. Our nutrition coaching team will review your application and contact you with more information.

2. Don't like technology? No problem, just call our main number at 610-841-3555 and we can help.