Sometimes, when it comes to medicine, we know what’s good for us but avoid doing it anyway. This could be due to myths we’ve heard about a certain kind of treatment, the refusal to admit we need assistance, or just plain stubbornness.

At Robbins Rehabilitation West, we know that physical therapy can help our patients with all kinds of physical issues, from neck pain to balance problems. Yet, we know that some people are a bit wary of coming in to participate, even if their doctor has recommended it.

For this reason, we want to address some reasons why a person would fear starting physical therapy in Macungie, PA, with Robbins. In the end, we hope we can show you why physical therapy is always a good idea!

People Don’t Think It Will Help

We have heard some people say they don’t want to expend the time and effort of going to physical therapy, especially if it won’t or can’t help them. The truth is that physical therapy can definitely help you! It isn’t only for those recovering from surgery.

If you suffer from a motor disability–say, nerve pain that limits your mobility–physical therapy can help you to reduce or eliminate that pain and move more fully! It just takes time and dedication to your exercises.

People Think the Pain Will Go Away on Its Own

Some people think that the pain from an injury will simply go away if they wait long enough. This is not guaranteed. In fact, doing nothing about the pain from a serious accident could make the situation worse.

For instance, at Robbins Rehabilitation West, we would design your physical therapy for knee pain around your strengths and limitations. The faster you start working on your injury with us, the better off you will be.

People Want to Rely on Internet Information

While it’s true that you can learn some good stretches and other exercises online, you also cannot hold anyone responsible if you get hurt while completing those exercises. If you have experienced a major injury, or if you just had surgery, and your doctor recommends physical therapy in Upper Macungie as part of your recovery, you should probably take that advice.

Furthermore, only a physical therapist would be able to tailor your exercises and other movements to you and your body. Online resources cannot do that. No internet author understands your condition, but your physical therapist will. At Robbins, we know our patients take comfort in knowing that.

Trust Robbins for Your Physical Therapy in Macungie, PA

Robbins Rehabilitation West is always here to help. When your doctor wants you to begin physical therapy in Macungie, PA, know that there’s no reason to fear! We are trained professionals who know how to design a physical therapy program for individuals with a diverse array of health conditions. That’s what we can do for you, and it works. Come in and see for yourself.


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