The most important thing you can do to prevent injuries at work

The Pre-shift Warm-Up

Getting injured at work sucks. 

There is no other way to put it. 

So what is the #1 way to prevent injuries at work?  I’m glad you asked…

Movement prep.  That’s short for Movement Preparation. 

If you exercise regularly now, this is probably not a new concept to you, but if it’s been a while, think of this scenario….

Remember back in gym class or when you played sports when you were a kid? Did you just show up to the game with your uniform on and start playing?  I hope not. You showed up early to get “warmed up” and ready for the game. 

This is no different. Except now the “game” is your shift at work. 

Check out this infographic that will help get you ready no matter what your job is. 

Want us to walk through it with you? No problem! Just click here for the video or watch it above.

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In just 3 minutes you can drastically decrease the chances of getting hurt at
work. Doing these movements before your shift prepares the body for the
workout you are going to put it through. Thanks in advance for making this
investment in your health!

Master the #1 way to decrease your chances of injury at work.

  1. Neck Circles 
    Begin standing with arms at your sides.
    Start by tucking your chin to your chest

    then imagine tracing as big of a circle as
    you can with your head going clockwise
    for 5 reps, then 5 reps counterclockwise.
  2. Standing Infinity Hover
    Stand with your arms out to your
    side. Bring one arm overhead and
    touch behind your neck as far as is
    comfortable. At the same time bring
    your other arm behind your back and
    try to touch your opposite shoulder
    blade. Alternate back-forth between
    sides for 5-10 reps.
  3. UE Nerve Glide/Wrist ROM
    Stand with arms down at your sides
    and palms rotated forward. Keeping
    your shoulders down away from your
    ears, pull your arms back, and extend
    your wrists so your palms face the
    perform 5-10 reps.
  4. Hip Circles
    Stand with your feet about shoulder-width
    apart and hands resting on your hips.
    Push your hips forward and then make as
    big of a circle with the hips while keeping
    the feet planted. Perform 5 reps clockwise and
    5 reps counterclockwise.
  5. Lunge with a Twist
    Standing with your feet hip-width apart
    step one leg forward and drop down into a
    lunge. Rotate your upper body towards
    the side you stepped forward
    with. Alternate legs and perform 5-10 reps on
    each side.
  6. Bodyweight Squats
    Standing with feet about shoulder-
    width apart. Keep your trunk
    upright and squat down as far as is
    comfortable keeping the heels
    down. You may hold your arms
    straight out in front of you to help
    with balance. Perform 10 reps.
  7. Ankle Circles
    Standing with feet hip-width apart. Pick
    up one leg off the floor and hold it in front
    of you, then trace as big of a circle as you
    can with the ankle, perform 10 reps
    clockwise then counterclockwise. Repeat
    on the other side.
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